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Learning Support Services

where learning is customised, personalised and fun

LearningTech Program

Why do not you learn new skills or build on your existing ones

Our LearningTech Program is about STEM Learning with emphasis on Engineering/Technology and Applied Math

IT Certification Program

Get ready for a successful career in IT with our range of IT  Certification Program,

 Seminars & Workshops

Our engaging seminars and  workshops focus on developing essential learning skills, critical thinking, and effective learning and study habits for growth and academic success.

GCSE Math Tutoring

Our experienced tutors provide personalized GCSE Math tutoring to help students grasp complex mathematical concepts and excel in their exams.

Small Group or One-on-one tutoring tailored to individual student needs, promoting academic excellence.

We offer comprehensive exam preparation services to help students build confidence and perform their best in all assessments and exams.

 Educational Services

We also provide a range of educational services such as 

  • Seasonal Teachers/Lectures

  • Assessor & IQA

  • Invigilator

  • Proctor

  • Trainer

  • Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

  • Mentorship & Coaching

  • Project Management

Unlock Your Potential with NSE Learning Support

Discover how our learning support services can help you achieve your learning and academic goals and pave the way for future success.