Learners & Participants Testimonial

5 Weeks Practical Learning Sessions     4/5/2024    at  EMCA  London

Practical Learning Session (PLS) Coding & Testing

It was super fun and I really enjoyed learning.The learning techniques were really unique.

Samra Mohamed, learner


“Great experience.”

 Shihab Suleman, learner


"Good and fun."

Nuha Ouldlaib, Learner


5 Weeks Practical Learning Sessions     3/2/2024    at  EMCA  London

Practical Learning Session (PLS) Coding & Testing

Great! I learnt how to control cars even with remotes and also used circuits which refreshed my memory from primary.

Fatoumata Jalloh, learner


“I really enjoyed this experience.”

 Sid Mohamed Jalloh, learner


"Teaching and helping kids with the tasks that the kids have to learn. I believe that they are enjoyable and that they are user friendly to allow the kids to remain eager to learn more. I believe the PLS is beneficial for both tutors and students."

Muhammed Ali, PLS Tutor


"My favourite aspect of PLS is how the teacher is always prepared to assist, clarify, and break down a situation, whether the student is having trouble with it or simply doesn't comprehend it.”

Suhaib Mohamed, PLS Project Coordinator

Learning Skills Workshop      31/10/2024    Birmingham

Learning Skills Workshop

“In an era where technological transformation is not just inevitable but already upon us, the offerings by NSE stand out as not only unique but deeply visionary. NSE's commitment to equipping the next generation with the requisite skills for tomorrow positions them at the vanguard of educational innovation. Their focus on

technical proficiency is tailor-made for the demands of the future, ensuring that young learners are not just participants but trailblazers in the advancing landscape of technology “

Naser Haghamed, Management Consultant


"I attended your workshop in October 2023 It was very both informative and inspiring I met very respectful people from our community at the workshop, they were impressed by what they saw. I am sure this kind of skills will benefit our community at large and our youngsters in particular “,

Saeed Abdelrahman CEO of Ethar Relief  


"I have attended a workshop by NSE. It was an informative and very useful day. I had a chance to discuss many ideas and to get to know other service providers. The venue was two minutes away from the coach station, and the environment was very welcoming. I encourage everyone to attend and make the most of the resources, information, and networking opportunities."

Abdulkadir Bider, Education Advisor


I attended the NSE Learning Workshop on 30/10/2023 and it was an informative and beneficial experience. I would really recommend this workshop for all beginners interested in coding.

Abdelalim Bayan,  Tutor

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